Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Half-Life sequel is coming next month, but it's not what you think

While it's not thaaat diversion, Valve's fundamental Half-Life arrangement is getting a formally authorized continuation as a fan-made amusement titled Prospekt.

Made for Steam Greenlight exclusively by 25-year-old Richard Seabrook, Prospekt isn't only a standalone story set in Valve's science fiction universe, but at the same time is an immediate continuation to Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Created by Borderlands studio Gearbox Software, Opposing Force took the point of view of Adrian Shepard, a US Marine sent to kill the outsider danger that concurred with the plot of the first Half-Life.

Set amid the occasions of Half-Life 2, Prospekt conveys Shepard to the eponymous jail complex of Nova Prospekt keeping in mind the end goal to help arrangement hero Gordon Freeman. The diversion guarantees 13 levels with new resources, story components, music, and voice acting, and in addition an arrival to the outsider measurement of Xen.

Not just does Prospekt recount a parallel story in the Half-Life universe, yet it likewise conveys Valve's official seal of endorsement for the permit and resources utilized.

This makes the enthusiasm extend the nearest thing fans have gotten to a new section in the arrangement since Half-Life 2: Episode Two discharged in 2007, (marking down Black Mesa, the fan-made revamp of the first diversion.)

"I can't thank all of you enough to vote this through on Greenlight and offering me some assistance with getting to this stage," composed Seabrook to fans on Prospekt's Steam Community page. "Additionally, a huge because of Valve for their backing."

Prospekt will be sold on Steam for $9.99, with a marked down cost of $8.99 for the individuals who preorder the diversion before its discharge on February 11.

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